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What is Shiatsu?

By Armgard Detemmerman on 7 November 2019

Jap.: 指 圧 En.: Finger-pressure

Shiatsu is a Japanese form of body therapy. It is based on the meridian system and the five-element theory of traditional Chinese medicine. The meridians are stimulated along the entire body by pressure with the thumb or palm of the hand. In this way an energetic contact emerges with the treated person. This is done with the necessary attention, sensitivity and openness towards the treated person. Shiatsu also includes various mobilisations and stretchings. My treatments always takes at least 1 hour.


How does Shiatsu help you?

My Shiatsu treatment is mainly about relaxation. It helps you to get into a deep relaxation. It is there that you will find your strength again. Gentle, sometimes strong and deep pressure, stimulate the meridians. This contributes to a good energy flow and optimisation of your life energy. This activates your self-healing powers. Unresolved emotional problems can block the energy flow in the meridians. The Shiatsu massage stimulates the energy flow and creates more harmony between the different meridians. It calls the body to release excess tension and/or refill a possible lack of energy.

Shiatsu – for whom?

Do you suffer from stress and fatigue, restlessness or burnout?
Do you find yourself in a difficult life situation or a difficult period?
Or would you like to treat yourself?

Shiatsu can help you to regain your inner peace and strength. The shiatsu relaxation massage helps you to get into a state of deep rest. It helps your body and soul to find more balance. This way you will regain the necessary energy to get through a stressful everyday life.

Shiatsu is good for everyone: young, not so young, sick or healthy.

How is Shiatsu-treatment done?

Traditionally, Shiatsu is performed on a mat on the floor, but I use the top-notch heatable treatment table in the office. In addition to the rhythmic pressure, stretchings and rotations are done, according to the needs of the body. Please wear loose clothing preferably from cotton.

What can you expect from your Shiatsu-treatment?

Each Shiatsu treatment is individually tailored to what you and your body tell me. So the results are also individual. The body is smart and takes from the treatment what it needs. For example, let’s assume you come to me seeking for more energy because you are too exhausted from a difficult life situation to see clear enough to make a clear decision. It is possible you leave the treatment also with a light feeling in your otherwise heavy legs, without having talked about or specifically treated.

But, in all honesty, Shiatsu is not a miracle-treatment. Sometimes the desired effect does not occur immediately. It is possible that the complaint derives from a very old wound, which needs a long treatment period. Or an additional, other type of therapy is required. In any case, a medical cause of the complaint should be excluded.

This is what you may expect: a guaranteed wonderful deep relaxation. In this relaxation you will find peace, harmony and balance which will help you to deal better with your emotions, your stress and your problems. This way you find yourself back on the right track. However, how much this treatment helps you in your current situation, you are still responsible of taking care of your emotional and personal growth.

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