Who am I?



“What are you good at? I mean, you can learn anything, but what is your talent?”

I was aware that I reached diverging roads professionally and needed to choose which path to take. So I asked myself this question. I am a calm person and know the importance of peace, as it is this peace in particular that attracted others, especially those suffering an inner restlessness.

The answer to my question was an easy one: “I can give peace to others” – I admit, this sounds very vague so, I decided to add some profound knowledge and an effective technique to it. This was the Shiatsu training at Sa T’sam – school for Shiatsu.

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My trainings:


– Shiatsu, 1ste and 2de cycle – Sa T’sam – Shiatsuschool member of the Belgian Shiatsu Federation

– Seiki : Sa T’sam

– Nyenpa Tshu’r’va (Consciousness) : Sa T’sam

– Enneagram: the 9 basic types – Twee-voor-Twaalf, Coaching and Training

– Enneagram: Communication- and conflictstyles – Twee-voor-Twaalf

– Enneagram: the instincts – Twee-voor-Twaalf

– Enneagram: tritypes and different levels within the types – Twee-voor-Twaalf

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