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  • ideal to relax and to calm down
  • in case of stress, restlessness, fatigue and burn-out
  • or just to pamper yourself

1 hour – 55 eur
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  • relieves back and neck pain caused by muscle tension
  • helps the recovery of the muscles after a heavy sport effort

1/2 hour – 25 eur
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Cupping massage
1/2 hour – 30 eur


Enneagram Typing Interview

  • Get to know yourself with all your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Discover your personal motives behind your actions
  • Recognize the things that cause you stress and where you draw energy from
  • Easier dealing with difficult people

Read more about the Enneagram

1 hour – 55 eur

Life Coaching with the Enneagram
1 hour – 55 eur

Body & Mindwork

Enneagram Life Coaching + Shiatsu massage according to your Enneagramtype
1,5 hour – 80 eur

Relaxation Course


  • You will learn an easy relaxation technique to apply yourself
  • For all stress-related complaints such as headaches, poor sleep, back pain and anxiety
  • Improves your stress resistance
  • Important part of burn-out prevention

Coming soon!

Loyalty card

From your first treatment, you receive a customer loyalty card; after 6 treatments of 1 hour, the 7th one is on the house!

As a Shiatsu practitioner, I do not diagnose physical, mental or acute disorders. We leave this to a doctor or a qualified person. In case of a serious condition, please consult a doctor. Shiatsu can be complementary to medical treatment.